The Imperial Media – Draining the Swamp

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

Media Consolidation

The Presidency of Mr. Nixon was ended when the media successfully ended his career via numerous insider reports about his conduct. The end of the Imperial Presidency led to the rise of a new Imperial power – the media. Now, we are seeing members of President Trump’s administration becoming the victims of the Imperial media as they leave office amidst supposed but not confirmed scandals. It may be time to drain the swamp of the Imperial media.

The media has become painfully aware that their support of Mr. Trump in the Republican Primaries has led to the defeat of their favored candidate for President, Hillary Clinton. Not having the symbiosis customary with elected officials, free advertisements (earned media) in exchange of corporate welfare (news maker interviews), the media supported one candidate in hopes of getting benefits from another. Their attempt to manipulate the election (more than any supposed action by Russia) has put them on the outside of the halls of power.

The media is familiar with the halls of power. Not only do the media connect with the political officials of government in office, they have their own facility within a government complex. The White House briefing room, used for press conferences, is situated within a small building that once housed a swimming pool for President Roosevelt. President Nixon ordered it to be drained and boarded over the swimming pool to turn it into a resource for the media. However, his good intentions were not rewarded by the media.

The Press and President Nixon had a combative relationship even after he built a special room for them at the White House. CBS’s Dan Rather made his name during the Watergate scandal by directly confronting the President during a press conference (Houston, Texas; 1974). Insider leaks to the media led to the end of Nixon’s term in the White House. The Nixon Presidency, once called the Imperial Presidency has since been replaced by the reign of the Imperial Media. Recently, Dan Rather threatened President Elect Trump (11 Jan 17) saying what happened to Nixon could happen to him. And we’re seeing this daily by the Imperial Media.

The White House press briefing room has undergone many improvements and renovations since the days of President Nixon. Theater seats were added by the order of President Reagan. And in honor of his former press secretary, James Brady, the briefing room has since been called the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. As it sits above an empty swimming pool today, it has become a swamp where the Press continually press their attacks against the Presidency and more particularly against the administration of Donald Trump.

The recent resignation by retired Gen. Michael Flynn as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser was precipitated by media scandal. The insider reports came from classified documents leaked to the media. While dealing with the apparent wrong doing by Gen. Flynn who miscommunicated with Vice President Pence, the media is guilty of actual violations of the law.

The fact that the media prosecutes their political objectives is clear. Edward R Murrow did this in the 1950s and today’s press cherish the Edward R Murrow Awards given to them. Most people know about the liberal media bias but few recognize the belligerent media bias that reporters have when they prosecute cases like they are prosecuting attorneys against some criminal or corporation. The media is out of bounds when they try cases in the public without giving due process to the people they prosecute.

The media often hire lawyers who pretend to be reporters who then prosecute the people they interview to make news. A highlight of the media or a reporter’s career is getting people in trouble with the law, not because they have broken the law, but because they represent their political opposition. Recall when Al Capone went to jail for violations of tax law. This was not so he would pay his back taxes; it was a foil to punish him for his other criminal violations. The media uses the law as a political tool in this fashion.

The Courts as well respond to the pseudo-legal activity of the media. The information gathered by the media without due process is often used in a case against individuals. When the media interview people and ask questions as though they were deposing that individual, the information is recorded and later used against them in a court of law. When the media have no authority to press their questions upon individuals they try to impress people with their ability to sway those in authority to action against them. The media is not working for the American people but for their own interests.

Not only is the media involved in pseudo legal activity for political advantage, they are involved in many corporate mergers for monetary gain. In 1983, during the Reagan era, 50 companies owned 90% of the media in America. In 2011, during the Obama era, 6 companies: CBS, Disney, GE, News Corp, Time Warner, and Viacom, owned more 90% of the media in America. The press briefings in the White House and other news maker interviews amount to nothing more than corporate welfare. It is time to drain this swamp.

Media Consolidation2

Swimming in profits from multiple mergers, media corporations rake in more money during political campaigns. A key feature of all political campaigns are the political ads that are sold in numerous media outlets. The obvious beneficiary of these ad sales is the media. Yet these same media outlets complain bitterly about the high cost of political campaigns that spend money on their very expensive advertising. Hypocritically, the media is not interested in reducing the cost of campaigns by reducing the cost of their ads. The only time the media will give a discount for advertisement is when they give candidates free advertisement via earned media in hopes of getting news maker interviews if/when the candidates get elected. This swamp is crawling with reptiles and needs to be drained.

Corporate welfare is what we see daily when reporters in the Brady briefing room hammer the new President’s administration. There is nothing in the Constitution that requires the President to furnish the media with free news in the form of news maker interviews or daily briefigs. It is only a tradition that compels any elected official to cooperate with the Press. The idea to facilitate a free and informed electorate with a free and independent press is a good idea. But the media not interested in keeping the people informed when they pursue their own political agenda and profit margins.

The value that the media suppose they bring to the American people is the preservation of our Republic. It is often said that without a free and independent press, our Republic will fail. However, the media fails to do its job to preserve our Republic, which calls for a reform of the media. Instead of preserving our Republic, they undermine professional journalism with their tabloid journalism. And although the media believes they add value to our society, they oppose traditional American values with the constant abuse of basic moral values (espousing abortion, gay rights, recreational drug use, etc.). And as they dismiss the literal interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and undermine the value of morality to define the rule of law, the media fails to preserve our Republic. It is time to drain the swamp.

Perhaps it is time to renovate the White House (Brady) press briefing room by removing those plush chairs and turning it into an internet-television studio for the President to use instead of the media. The President is fond of non-traditional media, has a background in television, and is interested in reaching out to the hearts and minds of Americans. Maybe it is time to ‘fire’ the media and hire personnel who can broadcast news and information to the American people directly over the internet from a new ‘Brady Studio?’

Along with a White House press advisor, why not create a White House press team to investigate the Executive Branch of the federal government? Interviewing personnel of various bureaucracies that dominate our nation’s government will help expose their good and bad deeds for all Americans to see. Investigative journalists who are paid by the White House to do their own brand of investigative journalism inside the government could expose waste, fraud and abuse, highlight what works in government, and give the American people an insider’s look at what their government is up to. Recall the idea of the government of, by, and for the People? How about a press core reporting directly to the People from the White House?

Instead of providing for the voracious appetites of the media who slanders and abuse the President and his administration daily, perhaps it is time to compete with the media by doing their job better than they do themselves. Competition will draw more people to the White House via the internet and erode the abuse of power by corporate media. This competition can include news maker interviews that are done by the White House press team as various officials come to the White House for both an interview for internet TV and a visit with the President.

Foreign officials can come and give an interview for presentation online highlighting the value that two countries have to work together for their common good. History can be presented in this studio as various agencies and their actions over the years are presented. Commentary can also come from the President whose fire side chats can come from a chromakeyed fire place. The possibilities for the President to reach the average American are endless.

The traditional media are losing their grasp of American minds and of their own sanity when they oppose Christian values and Conservative perspectives of government. Having a truly alternate means of communicating with the average person on the internet will help those who do not want to be inundated with the liberal media bias. Americans are fed-up with business as usual and want Mr. Trump to keep his campaign promise to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. Removing the Imperial Media from the Press room, not required by law or the Constitution, is a good way to start draining that swamp.

Homosexuals Are Sinners Too

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

Love of God

A sad fact of the homosexual community is that they believe they can practice sin without consequences. Many in the LGBT promote a Christ-less Christianity. Claiming to share the Love of God by accepting sinful behavior, they deny the real Love of God which forgives sinful behavior. The truth of the gospel is clear, unless one is a sinner, they cannot receive the Love of God.

Recall that Jesus paid the penalty for our sins. And know that before he paid for sin’s penalty, he declared sin to be sin. The sovereign Son of God gave the verdict to sin that it is sin. Not just for those who agree with Him but also for those who disagree with Him. The judgement of God is final, sin is sinful. And, sinners can be forgiven of their sin by faith in Jesus.

Human compassion is not the same as God’s Love. Human compassion may accept things that are unacceptable to God. The Love of God is not in conflict with God’s Holiness. God’s Love is Holy. But often the love of man is not. When people replace the Love of God with the compassion of man, one is doing more harm than insulting the person of God – Jesus.

The Love of God has no meaning apart from the person of God – Jesus. Jesus is the definition of God’s Love in that He paid for the penalty of sin for us. The Love of God that does not mention the person of Jesus is a false presentation of God’s Love. Yet we see in America and elsewhere the Christ-less love of people who do not share God’s Love for the forgiveness of sin.

Sodomy is sin. Homosexuals (and some heterosexuals) practice this sin. Homosexuals by definition practice this sin and are often approved of by heterosexuals who practice it as well. Both are practicing sin but homosexuals are defined by their practice of the sin of sodomy. The definition of homosexuality, therefore, is one who practices sin. In other words, homosexuals are sinners too.

This is important because a person cannot receive the Love of God without first being a sinner. That is because only a sinner can be forgiven of sin by God by faith in Christ Jesus. The Love of God gave the person of Jesus for the forgiveness of sin so we can live a life apart from sin. If someone is not a sinner, they cannot receive the Love of God for the forgiveness of sin. Therefore, if the LGBT community decides to lie to one another about their sin calling it ‘love,’ they are self-deceived and have rejected the Love of God.

There is nothing wrong with same sex relationships; we call them friendships. What is wrong with homosexuals is that they couple the natural sex drive with their same sex friends to practice the unnatural sin of sodomy. Friendships are not a sin. However, homosexual behavior is a sin. Homosexuals are sinners who need the Love of God as Jesus wants to be their friend.

Many Christians hate to tell the truth about the Love of God. Instead, they prefer to share the love of man and pacify their homosexual friends instead of rebuking their sin. Preaching a Christ-less love, these lukewarm Christians tell people that they are loved but never share with them the forgiveness of sin in Christ Jesus. Telling someone they are loved without sharing the Love of God with them is like getting married and divorced in the same day.

The false love of man that pacifies the sinner instead of rebuking their sin has everlasting consequences. If they never receive the Love of God for the forgiveness of sin, the homosexual who is told they are loved will be tortured forever in eternal blazes. What kind of love is it that someone would share with the sinner that does not offer them God’s forgiveness of sin? It is the selfish kind of love that does not challenge someone to repent of their sin because they want to avoid conflict. The Bible tells us that an open rebuke is better than hidden love.

The false love of man also has temporal consequences for the sinner. Instead of relieving the sinner from their bondage and pain as they live in sin, man’s false love only pacifies the soul. The sinner is led into deeper and deeper despair from the consequences of their sin because the relief God has for them is dismissed. The love of man in place of the Love of God is torture to the tormented soul who could otherwise learn of God’s sincere selfless Love in Jesus. Accepting the forgiveness of sin given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ is the beginning of relief for the tormented sinner.

Sin has consequences and denying the sinner the Love of God is certainly not God’s will for mankind. Receiving the Love of God means asking God to forgive the sins one has committed based upon the work of Jesus on the Cross. The Cross is where our sins were forgiven by God when Jesus died on the Cross for our sins. And as He rose from the dead, we have redemption from our sin to live a life apart from sin. Sin no longer has us as slaves; we are freed from sin when we truly accept the Love of God in Christ Jesus.

To receive the forgiveness of sin, please pray this prayer:

God of heaven, I believe in Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for me. I believe that he paid for the penalty of my sin, which I admit I have done. I ask for your forgiveness of my sin and thank you for your love. Please bring me closer to you so that I may know you. By your Holy Spirit, please make in me a clean heart, a renewed spirit, and a right mind that I may do those things that are pleasing to you. Thank you, God, Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, and now my Father in Heaven. Amen!