A Cinder-Ella Story

© Original content written by James R. Carlson


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl named Ella who was abused by her step-sisters. She had great potential but could not realize it due to their constant intervention. She had to work like a slave girl cleaning the house and doing menial tasks. When ready to rest for the day, she slept by the fireplace whereupon she became covered in ashes and cinders. Such a sight she was, this little girl covered in black soot. Her sisters changed her name to Cinder-Ella.

The Story of Cinderella is very old and can be traced to ancient mythology. The origin of our recent version of this story came in the late 17th century in France. Cinderella’s story is timeless in that people all over the world suffer needless cruelty at the hands of others who are jealous of the beauty (inward or outward) that others possess.

Ella as a name means beautiful (Daniella, Eleanor, etc.). Cinder is a name refers to the burnt pieces of wood that come from a fireplace. Nigger is a bad word that comes from the Spanish term Negro and means Black. When Ella was given her nickname, Cinder-Ella, they were calling this young girl Nigger Ella. Calling people derogatory names is as old as the 1600s and even older.

I recall the time I met a young Black woman who told me her story. She grew up in a part of a city that was predominantly Black and poor. She didn’t know she was poor until she went to a school across town due to forced school bussing. After going to predominantly White schools, she saw how much people focused on her color. She said that over time she learned to consider the looks people gave her as being a matter of perception rather than of fact.

This attractive young Black lady said that if she wore a fine dress and went into a room with a number of White women and they looked her up and down from head to toe and then turned their noses up, she said she would consider these women to be racist. But if she went into the same room wearing the same dress with the same number of Black women and they too looked her up and down from head to toe and then turned their noses up, she said she would consider these women to be jealous. What’s to keep White women from being jealous of Black women?!

I met another young Black woman who was very attractive and extremely smart. She had only recently graduated from college with an earned degree in Chemical Engineering and was preparing for a job interview with 3M. She went to her interview and afterwards I asked how she did. She said that she didn’t think she was going to get the job and complained bitterly that they didn’t like her because they were racist. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was so arrogant due to her obvious good looks and smarts that the people who interviewed her probably reacted to her extreme self-pride.

Perception of racism is one thing; yet there is a reality still to account for. Bigotry will always be with us. And I’ve learned over the years that bigotry is color blind. It is a human emotional/mental virus that can affect anyone of any color and cause them to dislike another person of a different color. It is a spiritual problem as much as otherwise yet through prayer we can conquer this disease of mankind.

Rev. Dr. King Jr. told us to look past color to the character of another. Sidney Poitier said that he didn’t want to be treated any better or worse than anyone else because of his color; he just wanted to be treated like any other person. Treating people as fellow human beings is what it is all about. The Golden Rule, treating others like you want to be treated, is the rule to follow. Treating people like people, regardless of color is what it is all about. It’s all about peeps; and all peeps are peeps.

The hero of the Cinderella story was of course Prince Charming. To many Dr. King is this Prince. However, the true Prince of Peace is the Lord Jesus Christ. He puts a robe of righteousness on us by faith in Him; and through Him we grow in His goodness and grace. He can rescue the soul from the abuses put upon it by others; and from being an abuser of others ourselves. Grace upon grace and mercy upon mercy is His judgement for those who will receive it.

The hidden saga of abuse of a little girl called a Nigger by her step sisters has been lost to time. Cinder-Ella is a story of many women who are abused for any number of reasons and hope for a way out. Your Cinderella story may be different from others but one thing is timeless, God rescues the broken hearted, restores them to their rightful place, and pursues them as a Holy lover for eternity. Receive your Prince Charming – Jesus; and live happily ever after.

Please pray this prayer:

God of heaven, I believe in Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for me. I believe that he paid for the penalty of my sin, which I admit I have done. I ask for your forgiveness of my sin and thank you for your love. Please bring me closer to you so that I may know you. By your Holy Spirit, please make in me a clean heart, a renewed spirit, and a right mind that I may do those things that are pleasing to you. Thank you God, Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, and now my Father in Heaven. Amen!

Putin’s Russia

© Original content written by James R. Carlson


Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled for another election cycle this year as Russia will elect their next President in March 2018. His drive to power over the past 2 decades is apparent. His approach to religion is less apparent. With a new election comes challenges for the Russian people and Republic. Perhaps the greatest challenge Russia is facing is answering the question, “Is it time to vote for a new Premier?”

Putin’s rise to power came following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in Russia. He followed in the wake of President Boris Yeltsin working with him in 1997. In 1998, Putin became the head of the FSB (Federal Security Service), which was the old KGB. His rise to power included a review of the various branches of government in Russia. As the head of a Commission, Putin was supposed to recommend various limits to the government but did not make any and cancelled those made by his predecessor when he became President. Notable in Putin’s career is the increase not decrease in centralized power.

Putin became Prime Minister in 1999 under President Yeltsin. Just before the new millennium, President Yeltsin resigned office (31 December 1999), recommending Putin take his place. While Prime Minister, Putin led Russian forces into Chechnya. His fight against the Islamic Republic gained Putin incredible support with the people of Russia. After Putin became President in 1999, he won the subsequent election a few months later in 2000 by a slim majority. No doubt his popularity with the Russian people came from his fight against an Islamic/terrorist state.

Putin’s continued use of military power against Islamic extremism was seen in Syria. Russia’s long history involves many episodes of invasion from Muslims trying to take over the country. Russia is second only to Israel in being surrounded by Muslim states; their concern about Islamic terrorism is not without merit.

Historically, Russia has supported the Orthodox Christian Church amidst Muslim threats of invasion and terrorism. Putin also appears to be sincere in his religious commitment to the Orthodox Church. While he has supported the traditional Church, Putin has recently used his power to end religious freedom in Russia for evangelical Protestant Churches. Historically, there is much in common between Protestant and Orthodox Christians but Putin has decided to favor the former State Church of Russia.

It is clear that the Russian people and President Putin are on the same page when it comes to certain moral issues – homosexuality. The Russian people are not subject to the rationalizations of the American media in favor of this perverted lifestyle. There is no ambiguity in Russia; homosexuality is not allowed. This clear position of morality, connected to Russia’s long history with the Orthodox Church, is supported by Vladimir Putin.

Putin has won elections for four consecutive terms with his nationalist policies that favor a country defined by its own values and not those of the West. It would be hard to call Putin a Christian moral crusader after so many of his political opponents have died mysteriously. Putin worked hard to obtain his power and it appears he is not likely to give it up quickly.

Limits to power are not a tradition in Russia. And the expectations of a Democratic Republic have been lost due to abuses of the same under Yeltsin. Putin may can run for office once again as term limits are not a part of the Russian Constitution. Term limits began in America after FDR’s four terms and our Constitution was amended to limit them. The next election cycle should have been in 2016, but was delayed and will begin in 2018. It is up to the people of the East to determine what the people in the West will see.

In the West, Putin is seen as a threat but at home in the East, he’s seen by many as a national hero. We’ll see what the people of Russia decide over the next year. News makers in America will no doubt try and sway the outcome of the elections as they favor progressive views and not traditional ones. Whether or not Putin is sincere in the religious and political views the Russian people share, it is clear he is their apparent champion.

Pray for the Russian Elections

My prayer for Russia is that they will choose a leader who will establish religious, political, and economic freedoms for all Russians to enjoy. And that with freedom, equal justice for all Russians will be available according to the rule of law. May God truly bless Russia with good leaders. Amen!

The Russians are Coming & They’re Here!

© Original content written by James R. Carlson


June 2004

Do you recall the days when communists attempted to take over the world? Attacks on democracy witnessed an infiltration of communist activists into democratic states. This was a very real problem throughout the world led mostly by the Soviet Union of Russia. However, we were told during the days of the ‘cold war’ that communists never infiltrated their number one enemy, the United States. Most especially, they never bothered to influence or infiltrate the American Media!

That is of course foolish. Communists not only infiltrated the media, they determined to influence the outcome of elections in America. The business of the media has always involved influencing the political circus we call government. So it is more than possible that Russia’s communist infiltrators entered the ranks of the media to do the same. Communists, socialists, liberals, progressives are nearly synonymous. It would not be hard for communists to find a home in the liberal media. Ronald Reagan even worked to expose them in the entertainment media institutions. There is no chance that there was no chance that communist (Russian) operatives did not enter into the U.S. media! (triple negative)


Reagan Testifies Before House un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) October 1947

Now, with the end of the ‘cold war’, we should not expect that the media includes former communist agents (unless they’re past retirement age). Communism is no longer the mission of the Russian Bear. What we still have, though, is the manipulative efforts of the media to influence the outcome of elections with or without their former communist friends. Liberals learned their lessons well.

The media now claims that the Russians are influencing elections from the outside of the media while the media is still trying to influence the outcome of elections each and every election cycle. And given the frustration that the media is going through, having supported Hillary Clinton only to lose, her campaign was apparently exposed by the Russians to her defeat. How dare the Russians influence elections without the approval of their former comrades in the media.

Is this the end of the socialist leading to communist (excuse me – liberal) activity of the media? Can we expect liberalism to suddenly become conservative? Should the media look out for Russian hackers peering into the shadowy world of liberal politics? Are they going to have hearings on the un-American Activities of Russian spies? (What a turn of historical irony!) The power-hungry media never lost their appetite for power before, during, or after the communist influence. They’re not worried about the influence of the Russians as much as they’re worried about losing their own power.

The media is power mad and now they’re mad about losing their power. How dare anyone influence the outcome of the election when their liberal agenda was so close to being fulfilled with a new left wing operative closely linked with the liberal media agenda. Don’t people know the rules? When the liberal media tells you who they will support for political office, you are not allowed to disagree. That’s what freedom means; at least that’s what they want their freedom to mean. Freedom for them and not for others.

Get a grip. The American People said no to the liberal agenda, the liberal Democrats, and the liberal media. You lost for a good reason. You were leading us in the wrong direction. The American People are so used to the manipulation of the vote by the media that they simply rejected the same old tired tactics of the past. Be angry media! Stay angry! The freedom of the Press has always belonged to the People and the People decided to take it and our country back from you. Complain all you want about Russia; we know who is really trying to pull the strings behind the scenes during the campaigns for public office. The Russians aren’t coming, they’re already here, in the media.

None Dare Call It Sedition

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

gay flag

The homosexual lobby is not satisfied working on public opinion polls. The aggression to overturn social norms and laws to allow for the legitimacy of homosexual behavior has led to subterfuge. The response that Americans must make in the face of such illegitimate means of legitimizing illegitimate homosexual behavior begins by calling it what it is – sedition.

A JAG officer and law school professor once stated that the Court was changing how it interpreted the law prohibiting gender discrimination. These changes to the law did not come from an elected legislative body but from the Court who has regularly practiced such subterfuge leading to judicial legislation. As the JAG officer explained (and I paraphrase) the Court will redefine gender discrimination in terms of the assumption that a person’s gender does not define the gender of their partner, mate, spouse, etc. This change in the definition of law is subterfuge leading to sedition when the Courts redefine law in terns that do not represent legislative counsel.

Recently, the Courts have overturned numerous state’s constitution’s amendments defining marriage as between one man and one woman. However, in dismissing the will of the people in defining the mores of society, which is society’s right to do, and in dismissing the Will of God in defining the righteous standard by which all mankind should live, the Court is undermining the legal and ethical foundations of our nation’s laws. Again, this is subterfuge leading to sedition in favor of the homosexual agenda.

Under the Obama administration flag officers in the military who do not share the homosexual lobbies views of gays in the military have left office. I have also noted from personal observations that new flag officers with views that are favorable to the gay agenda in the military have replaced them. This type of activity is definitely a subject for further research for subterfuge leading to sedition.

While serving in the DoD as a civilian, I recall Mr. Obama telling the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to survey all personnel in the military about the gay issue. We were given questionnaires but none of them approached the subject of gays in the military. Asking direct questions will get direct answers so these questionnaires were tailored to approach the subject indirectly. Here again, subterfuge. The decision made by Gates was not based upon any opinion poll and this was nothing more than a veiled exercise of subterfuge leading to the sabotage of the military.

Robert Gates has purposely opened the doors to gays in the military as something inevitable. However, in following the Obama administration, the only thing that was inevitable was his orders to open the doors to homosexuals serving in the military. However, he has done the same thing with the Boy Scouts. As young boys learn skills and grow into mature men, they are taught to be “mentally awake, and morally straight.” Gates opened the door to the gay community into an institution that holds fast to traditional moral as another blatant act of sedition.

In a lame duck session, the 111th Congress passed a bill that would end the policy of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT).’ This was their attempt at social re-engineering but it was lame at best. President Clinton removed the previous policy on gays in the military and replaced it with DADT. Clinton at least was sanguine enough to replace the old policy with something new. The 111th Congress, however, simply removed Clinton’s policy without putting anything in its place. I suppose this act of subterfuge could be classified more as one of stupidity than one of sedition but their purpose was none-the-less clear.

President Trump now has in his term of office a policy on gays in the military that is without definition. The policy in place before Clinton required that if one was discovered to be a homosexual, they would receive a general discharge from the military. If one were found practicing sodomy, they would receive a less than honorable discharge from the military. One may now charge that with the removal of DADT, the old policy is once again the new policy. It is up to the Trump administration to challenge the subterfuge that has led to the sabotage of the military and fight the continuing demoralization of our country’s armed forces.

Subterfuge, sabotage, sedition is all a matter of degrees. However, none are willing to research and represent the sedition that is ongoing in our country in favor of the homosexual lobby. Lawrence vs Texas removed the sodomy laws of the State because it was applied only to homosexuals and not heterosexuals. A simple change to the law requiring it to apply to both hetero- and homo- sexuals will bring back this moral rule of law to Texas. In so doing, we can prosecute sodomy as criminal by the rule of law and end this sedition of our nation in favor of family values.