Broken Commandments

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Broken Commandments

Broken Monument to the 10 Commandments in Arkansas

Less than a day after the 10 Commandments monument, a replica of the Texas version, was erected at the Arkansas state capitol grounds, it was knocked over by a madman in a car. This same person did the same thing in Oklahoma in 2014 and claimed the devil made him do it. This incident did not result in the injury of any person but it did highlight the fact that whether the devil, or atheists (ACLU), incited him, America’s freedoms are under attack. Freedoms that are based upon the 10 Commandments.

Atheists do not understand the purpose of the Separation of Church and State. As noted in my blogs before, the Separation of Church and State is a Christian idea. It requires the state to focus upon the behavior and actions of people and not upon the religious beliefs of people. Jefferson said as much in his letter to the Danbury Baptist Association:

Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.

The 10 Commandments has 2 tablets, as noted by the stone monuments in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The first tablet represents man’s duties to God and the second tablet represents man’s duties to man. Belief is in the first tablet, behavior is in the second tablet. According to the Separation of Church and State, civil government is based upon the second tablet and not the first; civil government should only be focused only on the legitimate actions of people. That is what the Separation of Church and State means.

Law must be based upon morality, even Biblical morality. Holding people accountable for their actions is what government is supposed to do. The Separation of Church and State requires law to be based upon morality. That people are constrained by the law to act in accordance with moral principles is what the separation between Church & State is supposed to provide. There is no right to do what is wrong.

Atheists and madmen alike do not understand that they have freedoms and responsibilities together. There is no right to ‘do’ what is wrong because the act of ‘doing’ is only legitimate when it is moral and does no harm to others. One is free to worship God (not the devil) according to the dictates of their conscience but recall that the conscience is our moral guide throughout life. One cannot do what is morally wrong consciously and be right. Only a madman would think they have a right to do what is wrong.

While some may applaud the attack on the symbols of our freedoms, it is an act that should send shockwaves throughout our nation leading to action. Legislatures in all 50 of these United States should act to put this same version of the 10 Commandments onto their state capitol grounds. The 10 Commandments stands for religious freedom, a free conscience, and a free people in every State. The 10 Commandments are not an attack on freedoms; the 10 Commandments are the foundation of our freedoms.

Pizza Pi

© Original content written by James R. Carlson


[Pizza circumference/pizza diameter = pizza pi]

Pizza is fun food for everyone. I’ve enjoyed eating pizza since I was a kid, 50 years ago. I’ve seen all kinds of pizza and yet I have a distaste for the pizza that modern restaurants offer. I know that if you want to make some dough as a business you have to sell some dough in your pizza; but I’m not in the market for extra bread so I’m not giving them any more of my hard-earned bread. It’s time for a pizza revolution!!

Look at the next pizza you buy. How much bread is there? I’ve seen the pizza sauce and toppings get thinner while the bread crust gets thicker. Ever see those deep-dish pizzas they sell nowadays? The only thing thick about it is the crust. The toppings, etc., are exactly the same as if they were on a thinner crust. Why do I want to fill my gut with a glut of gluten?

I actually bought a pizza-pie recently and was so excited when they brought it out to the table. But when I cut into it I discovered what I always suspected about anyone who claims to have a deep-dish pizza. The bottom of the crust was burnt and the top half of the crust was uncooked and doughy. The sides of the crust were nothing more than bread stacked upon the edge of the pizza; that was the same as having a larger flat pizza with an extra-large border crust. Standing crust borders up instead of leaving them flat is no bonus to me.

One can calculate the amount of wasted pizza space for extra-large crust borders using the equation for area = pi times radius squared (a=πr2). Given a 10” pizza and a 1” crust edge, the area for the entire pizza is ~78.5 square inches (in2); but having one inch of crust at the edge leaves a total area of 63.5 in2. That means that 81% of the pizza is edible but 19% is wasted bread without any toppings. That means you’ve wasted nearly 1/5 of the money you spent on that pizza. For a $10 pizza, that’s a waste of $1.90.

The geometry of a circle is such that the farther away from the center of the pizza you get, the more area there is; it is not a linear relationship as the graph below shows.


And if you wanted to make more money (save on your food cost), you’d sell a pizza with a larger border crust. A 10” pizza with a 2” crust may not seem like a big problem but you lose 36% of the pizza to crust on the edge.


If the pizza cost $10 you wasted $3.60. I’m not interested in eating a bunch of bread or wasting a load of dough. As a consumer, I want to get the largest pizza with the smallest crust at the edge.

Buying a fake deep-dish pizza with thick crust at the bottom of the pizza is no picnic either. By doubling the thickness of the pizza crust under the toppings, I get the same amount of bread that I would if the pizza was larger. However, with a smaller radius, the total amount of surface area that pizza sauce, toppings, and cheese has to cover is less. The consumer loses again with a fake deep-dish pizza. A real pizza pie has a moderate to thin crust all around and the filling is 1” deep or more; most fake pizza pies have bread crust 1” thick or more. That pizza-pie does not qualify when using pizza-pi.

On the positive side, I do find some places where I can get a very thin, almost cracker like crust for a pizza. The sauce can be spread to the edge of the pizza and the toppings as well. I found one place where they do this and their toppings are sliced very thin but the slices are very large in diameter. The amount of meat in each thin slice of pepperoni is greater if the radius of the slice is larger than a thick slice that has a smaller radius.

If I have a slice of pepperoni 1/8” thick and another one 1/16” thick, if the thicker slice is 2” in diameter, the thinner slice only has to be slightly less than 3” in diameter to have the same amount of meat. Having a thin crust and thinly sliced toppings allows the pizza sauce and toppings to go to the edge of the pizza. Now that’s a pizza-pi.

What Tapes?

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Nixon’s Tape Recorder (White House – Oval Office; Watergate Era)

The media is in a frenzy about the tapes that President Trump supposedly has, recording a conversation between himself and former FBI Director James Comey. However, there are no tapes. Tape recording has not been used for years. With the advent of the modern electronic era, we no longer use tapes to record audio. The search either ends here or begins looking for something else.

Even though the President said,

James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press! [Trump Tweet; 12 May 2017; 5:26 AM EST]

Trump was attempting to put Comey on his guard about potential leaks of a private conversation. The media has picked upon the use of the word ‘tapes’ and decided to run with it; but it should be obvious that there are no ‘tapes.’

Ok, I’m being technical; so, let’s get technical. Electrical/electronic audio recording began back in the day when wire was used to make recordings. Magnetic fields were put onto a spool of wire that were then played back to present the audio record. This technology was in use for about a decade after World War II (mid-1940s to mid-1950s).

Magnetic tape was just starting to develop during this time but didn’t take off until the mid-1950s. Reel to reel tapes were used in the audio recording industry but were not used much in the home. Then came the 8-track tape in the 1960s that put the reel to reel in a package where one did not have to handle the tape or thread it in a machine. This lasted until another improvement put the reel to reel technology into a cassette. Much smaller than the 8-track, the cassette tape took center stage in the 1970s and was popular until digital media effectively took over the market place in the 1990s.

Enter with the rest of us into the digital age where compact disks (CDs) began to dominate the market and audio recordings were moving away from tape. No longer do people use tape recordings. There is a seemingly endless array of digital recording and playing devices from DVDs to iPods that people use today. The transition between tape and digital audio did witness digitally formatted tapes (DAT, DCC, etc.), but these are long gone. With the rise of powerful computers and other electronic devices, tapes have long since passed.

What has not passed is the interest in the media in gathering this media for their ideological ambitions. During the days of Watergate, when Nixon had secretly recorded meetings, these recordings were on reel to reel tapes. And when the investigation into Watergate included the request for the Nixon ‘tapes’, they were referring to these audio recordings on magnetic tape media.

Today the media is again asking for the ‘tapes.’ What tapes; there are no tapes?! The media is fixated on their ambition to bemoan this President because his ideology is vastly different from theirs. Instead, they should be asking for the MP3 files or other electronically formatted audio recordings. The media is out of touch and lost in their blind ambition to undermine this President.

Director Comey, in a candid interview with Congress yesterday, said that he suspected, inferred, assumed, and felt motivated (paraphrases) by the President when they had a private conversation. I’m not interested in Comey’s feelings or suppositions, I’m interested in explicit orders given by the President to Mr. Comey. Where is the written record? Did the President issue an order on paper, by email, by text, or tweet? If not, why did Comey act on unconfirmed ‘orders’? Comey’s emotional reactions do not constitute actions by the President. We should be asking, ‘Where are the documents?’ instead of ‘Where are the tapes?’. Where is the paper trail?

The media, the Democrats, and Comey are all blinded by the past with Nixon’s downfall, hoping for a new media showdown with Trump. However, there are no tapes in the White House basement. The media no longer bases its reports on a foundation of fact but supposition. I suppose that’s why they want the White House tapes instead of the White House documents.

The Alchemy of Evolution

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

Alchemy and Evolution Graph

Alchemy Evolutino graph2

(see Google Books Ngram Viewer)

The idea of transformation began centuries ago with the ideas of alchemy. The transformation of species from one form to another was the idea of how lead turned into gold. After the development of modern chemistry, the idea of transformationism began to take on new form.

17th century alchemy slowly became 18th century transformationism. Jean Baptiste Lamarck was a French alchemist and transformationist in the 18th century. At the same time, Erasmus Darwin, grandfather of Charles Darwin, was an Englishman who worked on his own ideas of transformationism writing books such as Zoonomia (the laws of animal life) and the Origin of Society (later called the Temple of Nature). Both Lamarck and Darwin believed in the transformation of biological species.

Later in the 19th century, the ideas of 18th century transformationism became the idea of evolution. Charles Darwin published his Origin of the Species in 1859 following the ideas that he learned from the works of his grandfather (Erasmus) and Lamarck (from his teacher Robert Edmund Grant, who also read Zoonomia). The ideas of alchemy and transformationism were never left behind even after chemistry replaced alchemy.

In the 19th century, the idea of species transformation continued with the notion that protoplasm (first thing formed) or protein (first substance) existed in the species of amoeba and man as the substance that would be transformed. As these two species have the same substance in different forms, evolution taught how the transformation of species would change an amoeba into a man. Evolution is nothing more than biological alchemy.

This undeniable fact of history, that evolution is born of alchemy, is available for you on The Alchemy of Evolution will open your eyes to the truth.

Alchemy of Evolution