The Mediocre

© Original content written by James R. Carlson


The Media has long been on the decline. News today is not about facts and information, it is about opinion and narratives. We no longer can rely upon the Media to tell us what the truth is because they are not interested in truth. The pursuit of ideology has led to the loss of the objectivity leading to mediocracy.

The blog article that received the most comments is Merit and Metrics. People want morality and measurements as an unbiased way of viewing issues. The bias of the Media does not provide this foundation for their articles or news stories they present. In effect, the Media is talking past most of us to get what they want.

The Media constantly suppresses the idea of public morality. Instead of standing for moral values to help society move forward, they undermine the idea of morals even questioning the foundation of godliness. The ungodly manner in which they attack people who stand for morals is coupled with their attempt to replace traditional moral values with their own rationalist perception of right and wrong. Here, ideology finds its home.

The Media used to be in the business of providing a baseline for conversation and debate. Knowing what the facts of an issue are gave people in society a chance to debate the future of their own nation. Now we are debating the facts of any given issue with ideology being the constant factor. No longer can we rely upon the Media to provide metrics that We the People can use to govern our country with.

Political debates moderated and broadcast by the Media also provide no foundation for the American People to use in deciding who governs our country. If someone from the Media moderates a political debate they will steer the debate to their ideology and often they argue with candidates in a debate turning the debate into a contest between candidates and the Media.

Political campaigns have to advertise in various Media outlets available to them to get their message out; but the Media often undermines the messages presented by campaigns with so-called ‘truth tests’ of campaign ads. Campaigns that stand for morals are especially susceptible to the Media attacks. And if you dare to present statistics or measures of some kind, get ready for a contest. The Media will not let you stand on your own without a fight.

Campaigns must end their funding of the Media with their advertising dollars. Why spend money on the Media when it will just be wasted. Alternate media forms that do not subject campaigns to the abuse of today’s Media is imperative for any successful campaign. Boycotting the Media is not something that can be done 100% but the more money spent on alternative media forms means the more their message will reach the People without the bias of the Media.

The American people are waking up to the abuse of the Media. A government of the Media, by the Media, for the Media is what we are seeing today. The Media and the American people are not on the same page philosophically, morally, or practically. Americans can stand up for moral principles but the Media will undercut the People’s general will as well as the Will of God. We cannot rely upon the Media to serve us as they serve themselves. It’s time to affect their bottom line.

Many people who see the monstrous activities of the Media are calling for a boycott. Funding the Media is no longer an option. Buying their wares online, in the store, on TV, in the movies, etc. is no longer something we can do without considering the consequences. I enjoy some aspects of American media but the persistent abuse of traditions norms is not something I am willing fund anymore.

The American People have the final word on the Media and their activity. The Freedom of the Press does not actually belong to the Press or the ‘Media’; it belongs to the American People. Once the People decide the abuse of their freedoms has gone too far, We the People can take our freedoms back. If the Media wants to abuse our traditional values and fail to provide a factual foundation for national debate, we can stop buying their products. In this way, the Media will find they no longer have a foundation apart from the rest of the nation. Serving Americans should be what the Media/Press is all about. However, as the Media continues to serve themselves, they are simply becoming the Mediocre.