Public Morality

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

public morality

We are in an epidemic of sin. We have seen our nation degenerate into a country where lawlessness is the law and lawfulness is illegal. This dive into a spiral of death is the result of untamed sin. Society is almost out of options as our nation’s legal system is run to ruin by the judiciary where the will of the people and the Will of God are both dismissed by the higher authority of the bench. We need to remember the rule of old where morality was not publicly scorned but publicly displayed.

Daniel Webster, in a speech on July 4, 1802 said,

Ambitious men must be restrained by the public morality: when they rise up to do evil, they must find themselves standing alone. Morality rests on religion. If you destroy the foundation, the superstructure must fall.

We know God has given us His Will through His Word. We find in the Bible the truths of right and wrong, which echo our conscience, our God given conscience. We must recall the voice from within and present it without to those who need a reminder, a refresher, on what is right and wrong. We need to portray those who deceive, either willingly or by their own self-deception, the truth of morality and our need to follow it.

We live at a time when it is popular to be immoral. We find any number of comedians leading us to laugh about ungodly behavior. We are cheered on by them and cheer them on when they portray the disgusting as something humorous. There will be little to laugh about if we mock God in the temporal and find ourselves separated from God in the eternal.

Look at pornography (but don’t look at it). It destroys men’s concept of sex and relationships. Children and women are victims of untamed sinful activity that rape their bodies and maim their souls for life. Men who abuse women, and consider it acceptable due to consenting sex, leave a trail of broken hearts and lives behind them. How many people have been abused by heterosexual partners who then turn to alternate forms of sex like homosexuality to avoid the abuse they once suffered, only to find new forms of abuse in perverted sexual relationships!

Start with porn again as a root of abortion where the pleasure of sex (a gift from God) is perverted into the right to have sex without a responsibility to care for children. Abortion is linked to pornography, yet our society has allowed this stain on our public soul to persist. What can be done about it? Public morality can lead to the dismissal of false media like porn that promotes sin, and sex as sin, when sex is godly, Holy, and pure (God’s gift to mankind for pleasure and reproduction in marriage).

Public Morality is more than just decrying the woes of sin. It is also a praise of the values of virtue. We must live lives that show the merit of the just and virtuous. Living it in front of people is perhaps the best way to expose the lies of sin by showing a public example of moral living that produces the fruit of peace and happiness in one’s life. Temptations will come but by the leadership of the Holy Spirit, with faith in Christ Jesus, we can overcome sin and live a life of righteousness. Someone once said, ‘You can’t keep the birds from flying over your head but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair.’ thoughts come and go but living a moral life is a commitment made first by faith in Christ Jesus.

The more we surrender to the fatigue of the media’s constant bombardment against righteousness and their portrayal of sin as a virtue, the more likely it will be that persecution will come our way. We cannot hide from the evil that tests our generation. We must stand against it both in how we live and what we say. Public Morality is one way in which we can help rescue our nation from the snare of sin.

LatteDa – $1

© Original content written by James R. Carlson


Two young Black men entered a coffee shop in Philadelphia recently and planned to hold a meeting without buying anything at the coffee shop. The management of the coffee shop, and later the police, asked them to leave but they refused in both instances. They claim that are victims of racism. Instead of going to Court where this kind of a claim belongs, they accepted a symbolic award of $1. Sadly, the lack of adjudication in Court of a false claim of racism will only set the Civil Rights movement backwards. Dr. King must be rolling over in his grave right now!

Can anyone see the crime here? Was it that Black people were asked to either buy something or leave? The crime is that people (yes, they’re black) were treated correctly according to the rule of law and that was later apologized for. Apologize for what? For doing business selling coffee? For asking them to buy something or leave? For arresting them when they refused a lawful order from the police? They would never have won their case in Court. Well congrats for winning a dollar – LatteDa.

What was the supposed racism? That two young men refused to buy anything while using the business facility as a meeting place for their own business? That is not how business is run. And when the police are called by management to remove people who are not customers, the customers either leave or get arrested. There is no color issue here except in the minds of these two young Black men.

As I’ve written before, BLM has no solutions, only problems. Dr. King had both problems and solutions. Dr. King taught that Jesus is for all the people regardless of color; the rule of law is supposed to be applied to all the people regardless of color; and people are supposed to take people as people regardless of color. Peeps are peeps. And the police arrested two peeps who committed a minor crime; the perp so minor it was silly – buy a latte. How hard would it be for them to either buy a cup of coffee or leave when told to?

The police did absolutely nothing wrong but these two young men did what everyone else in the news has done lately, which is to disobey the law and law officers to make the headlines. People (black or white) have no right to dismiss the law or the police because they think they have the moral high ground. The outcome may not be as expected if that’s what you do.

Remember the woman who videoed the death of her husband who didn’t obey the policeman? He was in his car with a gun and refused to obey the police officer. She has her video footage but he’s dead. Or how about the young man who hit the policeman in the face and was shot and killed. I’m sure he’s happy about the outrage that followed. ‘Stop, don’t shoot’ or ‘stop, don’t hit the cop’; what should we emphasize? Not one Black man or woman has had a run in with the police that went bad unless they disobeyed the police first. Show me someone who actually did everything they were supposed to do according to the law and the police then is mistreated. I’ll show you something that you can take to Court and win more than $1.

Dr. King didn’t fight the law or the police even when the law and police fought him. He advocated the peaceful nonviolent use of protests and declared that the law should be applied equally to all people. And when the law was applied without respect to color with these two young Black men, we were seeing the Dream come true. It’s time for peeps of all color to recall the message of Dr. King and find solutions more than problems. Can society handle living the Dream?


Truth told, there is a problem in our nation. Bigotry is everywhere and if so, racism can be anywhere. Black people especially know this to be true; White people are often oblivious to it. So, while BLM cannot accurately define the problems or solutions, please remember, there are still problems that need to be adjudicated one case at a time in a Court of Law. That is because Black lives DO matter!

In God We Trust

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

Kim Hand Shake

The national motto of the United States is “in God we trust”. The nation of North Korea, however, has Mr. Kim as their object of veneration. A state cult is based upon Mr. Kim, which for some time has prevented religious freedom from flourishing in that nation. If Mr. Kim wants his nation to blossom, religious freedom has to be a part of the society and culture of North Korea. In God We Trust has to be the national motto of North Korea.

I applaud the efforts of Mr. Kim to reach out to the leadership of South Korea. He has reached out to the people of Korea in an attempt to unite the people of the peninsula as one. This is a vision of his grandfather; although he attempted to use communism as the means of unity. Mr. Kim, in rescuing the vision of his great-great grandfather, can still unite the Korean people based upon religious freedom.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is what his family once stood for. Uniting the people of north and south begins with a spiritual unity. This unification of the people of Korea based upon a common faith in Jesus Christ will open all doors for society, community, economy, and polity. The work that Mr. Kim has ahead of him is spiritual, which can only be accomplished by the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Mr. Kim has to reach his hand out to God if he wants to succeed.

The leader of Egypt once refused to allow the people of Israel to leave and worship God according to God’s leadership. Instead, Pharaoh saw himself as a god and was the center of the Egyptian national cult. This prevented Pharaoh from being the great leader of Egypt. His leadership should have allowed the Israelites to briefly leave their homes to worship God and come back as they said they would. Fear led the Pharaoh to persecute the Israelites, which led to his own death and the permanent separation of the Israelis from Egypt.

God extends his hand to the leader of North Korea and wants to bless this people. Religious freedom is the means by which Mr. Kim can reach out his hand and open the doors of heaven for his people. This connection with God, for the benefit of the North Korean people, is a first step to the full restoration of the Korean people, both north and south.