Hotel California

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Hotel California

Camp Fire in Paradise, CA

The recent blaze in California has been responsible for nearly 100 deaths and 1000 missing persons. The environmentalists have blamed this fire on global warming but have not taken responsibility for it themselves. We are witnessing the result of the propaganda of environmentalism that results in the destruction of the natural environment and the lives of people. We as a nation needs to abandon the left and their environ-mania. But as the song once said, you can check in any time you like but you can never leave; welcome to the hotel California.

Environmentalists have been parroting global warming for a few decades. Self-deceived, they are stunned when people do not agree with their established faith. As I have written in previous articles, we do not have global warming whose cause is manmade CO2; instead we have polar warming whose cause is nature made CO2. Unable to correctly define the problem, these environmentalists are unable to solve the problem.

Environmentalists have also decided to do nothing about wildfires. As noted in previous articles, these environ-maniacs refuse to allow people to clear the underbrush in forests and cut roads for fire trucks. This refusal permits the kindling of fires in the underbrush and prevents fires from being extinguished by firefighters. This is a tragedy that kills people, destroys property, and rapes the environment. In the past, environmentalist have said that this is just nature taking its course. That is insane given the fact that we can prevent these forest fires. Remember Smokey?

Now, the environ-maniacs are dismissing any responsibility and are projecting it onto those who disagree with their global warming beliefs. Double down the guilt that these environ-maniacs share given that they prevent the fighting of forest fires and that they miss the mark on the cause of them. It isn’t global warming, it is environ-mania.

We will continue to see the mismanagement of our natural environment when these environ-maniacs are in charge. They are drunk on their power. However, they do not use their power for the good of humanity or nature and are irresponsible with their power. They are in fact enemies of anyone who dares to disagree with them. But as Smokey once said, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” Its time we stop giving these people the power they need to ignore the problems Californians are facing.