Russian Collusion – BLM & Biden?

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

Biden and Putin

‘Black lives matter’ is the truth. And of course, all lives matter. There is no controversy between these two statements. Sadly, BLM doesn’t offer solutions to problems that many Americans face with the continued bigotry and pockets of racism in our country. That is because in part, BLM is a product of Russian collusion. And it seems that most Russians are not schooled in the principles of American freedom nor the benefit that Dr. King gave to America to secure the blessing of liberty to all people, especially Black Americans.

The fact that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia has been thoroughly vetted and established. However, the fact that there was an attempt by Russians to adversely influence our Republic has also been vetted and established. The Russian internet research agency (IRA) has sponsored many campaigns in America to foster unrest and dissent. Black Matters is one such activity on the internet that has led to the formation and exercise of BLM.

BLM stands for Black Lives Matter, and of course they do. But BLM as a product of Russian collusion does not foster the American way of life for all Americans, Black, White, etc. Therefore, BLM does not matter in that they do not provide solutions to the problems we face. However, Dr. King did.

As I’ve written before, BLM has no solutions, only problems. Dr. King had both problems and solutions. Dr. King taught that Jesus is for all the people regardless of color; the rule of law is supposed to be applied to all the people regardless of color; and people are people regardless of color. This is the Dream that we need to pursue regardless of Russia’s desire to foster racial tensions through BLM and elsewhere.

The facts that racial tensions have been heightened by BLM and that BLM is guilty of collusion with Russians is undeniable. Many have claimed that racial tensions have played a role in last Presidential campaign, possibly helping Trump become elected. Why then does Joseph Biden replay this theme from BLM and the IRA in hopes of becoming President of the U.S.?

Biden has recently called Trump’s attempt (a naïve attempt) at calming racial tensions a problem. However, Biden is stirring racial unrest for political gain, taking a page from the game book of the IRA and the Russians. You would think that people who complain about possible Russian collusion with the Trump campaign would not follow suit to actually follow Russian collusion in hopes of getting elected themselves.

Americans need to stand vigilant against the attacks against our nation and our liberty from without and within. If we don’t recognize the problems with BLM we may in fact lose the Dream that Dr. King tried to give us. Let’s continue to pursue the Dream of Dr. King and stand for the truth that God Created all mankind equal and that it is the job of all governments everywhere to secure our basic God given rights, the Blessing of Liberty, for everyone.

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