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Hotel California

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

Hotel California

Camp Fire in Paradise, CA

The recent blaze in California has been responsible for nearly 100 deaths and 1000 missing persons. The environmentalists have blamed this fire on global warming but have not taken responsibility for it themselves. We are witnessing the result of the propaganda of environmentalism that results in the destruction of the natural environment and the lives of people. We as a nation needs to abandon the left and their environ-mania. But as the song once said, you can check in any time you like but you can never leave; welcome to the hotel California.

Environmentalists have been parroting global warming for a few decades. Self-deceived, they are stunned when people do not agree with their established faith. As I have written in previous articles, we do not have global warming whose cause is manmade CO2; instead we have polar warming whose cause is nature made CO2. Unable to correctly define the problem, these environmentalists are unable to solve the problem.

Environmentalists have also decided to do nothing about wildfires. As noted in previous articles, these environ-maniacs refuse to allow people to clear the underbrush in forests and cut roads for fire trucks. This refusal permits the kindling of fires in the underbrush and prevents fires from being extinguished by firefighters. This is a tragedy that kills people, destroys property, and rapes the environment. In the past, environmentalist have said that this is just nature taking its course. That is insane given the fact that we can prevent these forest fires. Remember Smokey?

Now, the environ-maniacs are dismissing any responsibility and are projecting it onto those who disagree with their global warming beliefs. Double down the guilt that these environ-maniacs share given that they prevent the fighting of forest fires and that they miss the mark on the cause of them. It isn’t global warming, it is environ-mania.

We will continue to see the mismanagement of our natural environment when these environ-maniacs are in charge. They are drunk on their power. However, they do not use their power for the good of humanity or nature and are irresponsible with their power. They are in fact enemies of anyone who dares to disagree with them. But as Smokey once said, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” Its time we stop giving these people the power they need to ignore the problems Californians are facing.

LatteDa – $1

© Original content written by James R. Carlson


Two young Black men entered a coffee shop in Philadelphia recently and planned to hold a meeting without buying anything at the coffee shop. The management of the coffee shop, and later the police, asked them to leave but they refused in both instances. They claim that are victims of racism. Instead of going to Court where this kind of a claim belongs, they accepted a symbolic award of $1. Sadly, the lack of adjudication in Court of a false claim of racism will only set the Civil Rights movement backwards. Dr. King must be rolling over in his grave right now!

Can anyone see the crime here? Was it that Black people were asked to either buy something or leave? The crime is that people (yes, they’re black) were treated correctly according to the rule of law and that was later apologized for. Apologize for what? For doing business selling coffee? For asking them to buy something or leave? For arresting them when they refused a lawful order from the police? They would never have won their case in Court. Well congrats for winning a dollar – LatteDa.

What was the supposed racism? That two young men refused to buy anything while using the business facility as a meeting place for their own business? That is not how business is run. And when the police are called by management to remove people who are not customers, the customers either leave or get arrested. There is no color issue here except in the minds of these two young Black men.

As I’ve written before, BLM has no solutions, only problems. Dr. King had both problems and solutions. Dr. King taught that Jesus is for all the people regardless of color; the rule of law is supposed to be applied to all the people regardless of color; and people are supposed to take people as people regardless of color. Peeps are peeps. And the police arrested two peeps who committed a minor crime; the perp so minor it was silly – buy a latte. How hard would it be for them to either buy a cup of coffee or leave when told to?

The police did absolutely nothing wrong but these two young men did what everyone else in the news has done lately, which is to disobey the law and law officers to make the headlines. People (black or white) have no right to dismiss the law or the police because they think they have the moral high ground. The outcome may not be as expected if that’s what you do.

Remember the woman who videoed the death of her husband who didn’t obey the policeman? He was in his car with a gun and refused to obey the police officer. She has her video footage but he’s dead. Or how about the young man who hit the policeman in the face and was shot and killed. I’m sure he’s happy about the outrage that followed. ‘Stop, don’t shoot’ or ‘stop, don’t hit the cop’; what should we emphasize? Not one Black man or woman has had a run in with the police that went bad unless they disobeyed the police first. Show me someone who actually did everything they were supposed to do according to the law and the police then is mistreated. I’ll show you something that you can take to Court and win more than $1.

Dr. King didn’t fight the law or the police even when the law and police fought him. He advocated the peaceful nonviolent use of protests and declared that the law should be applied equally to all people. And when the law was applied without respect to color with these two young Black men, we were seeing the Dream come true. It’s time for peeps of all color to recall the message of Dr. King and find solutions more than problems. Can society handle living the Dream?


Truth told, there is a problem in our nation. Bigotry is everywhere and if so, racism can be anywhere. Black people especially know this to be true; White people are often oblivious to it. So, while BLM cannot accurately define the problems or solutions, please remember, there are still problems that need to be adjudicated one case at a time in a Court of Law. That is because Black lives DO matter!

In God We Trust

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

Kim Hand Shake

The national motto of the United States is “in God we trust”. The nation of North Korea, however, has Mr. Kim as their object of veneration. A state cult is based upon Mr. Kim, which for some time has prevented religious freedom from flourishing in that nation. If Mr. Kim wants his nation to blossom, religious freedom has to be a part of the society and culture of North Korea. In God We Trust has to be the national motto of North Korea.

I applaud the efforts of Mr. Kim to reach out to the leadership of South Korea. He has reached out to the people of Korea in an attempt to unite the people of the peninsula as one. This is a vision of his grandfather; although he attempted to use communism as the means of unity. Mr. Kim, in rescuing the vision of his great-great grandfather, can still unite the Korean people based upon religious freedom.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is what his family once stood for. Uniting the people of north and south begins with a spiritual unity. This unification of the people of Korea based upon a common faith in Jesus Christ will open all doors for society, community, economy, and polity. The work that Mr. Kim has ahead of him is spiritual, which can only be accomplished by the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Mr. Kim has to reach his hand out to God if he wants to succeed.

The leader of Egypt once refused to allow the people of Israel to leave and worship God according to God’s leadership. Instead, Pharaoh saw himself as a god and was the center of the Egyptian national cult. This prevented Pharaoh from being the great leader of Egypt. His leadership should have allowed the Israelites to briefly leave their homes to worship God and come back as they said they would. Fear led the Pharaoh to persecute the Israelites, which led to his own death and the permanent separation of the Israelis from Egypt.

God extends his hand to the leader of North Korea and wants to bless this people. Religious freedom is the means by which Mr. Kim can reach out his hand and open the doors of heaven for his people. This connection with God, for the benefit of the North Korean people, is a first step to the full restoration of the Korean people, both north and south.

The Media Doesn’t Have a Clue

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

Media vs Trump

America’s Media, tabloid journalism gone professional, lost the recent election when Donald Trump became President. They wanted Hilary Clinton to be President and have been so upset that they couldn’t manipulate the outcome of the election that they persistently blame the Russians for influencing the outcome of the elections more than themselves. At the end of the day, the media is not aware of the way Trump won the election; they simply have no clue!

Trump did not campaign in a traditional manner throughout the Republican Primary. The traditional candidates bristled against him for his non-traditional manners. He repeatedly went past them to those voters in America who would not be called Republican or Democrat. Trump ran in the Primary as an independent candidate for the Republican nomination. This is the first fact of his campaign that the media doesn’t understand.

After winning the Republican nomination, Trump ran a campaign to get the Republican base to support him, after all the rhetoric was settled. Mike Pence was chosen to be his running mate to consolidate the GOP around Trump. Pence is the professional, traditional, conservative element in the Trump campaign that secured the Republican vote for the general election. Trump’s reach to the right with Pence may have also caused concern with the ‘liberal’ media but not with the American people.

At the outset, Clinton had an uphill battle against her and her husband’s political baggage. The ability she had to reach the independent voter was marred from the beginning. Trump, who campaigned for the independent voter before the general election, was already amassing new voters in the GOP for the primaries and general election. Clinton was behind from the beginning while Trump had the advantage; and Clinton never caught up. This is the big reason why she lost; and the medias doesn’t get it.

The fact of any election is that there are usually 3 candidates in a race: Republicans, Democrats, and the Media. The two major parties usually have candidates in all races down the ballot. We all understand that people typically vote for party candidates or for candidates independent of party ties. To win an election, one must get their Party’s base vote (~33%) and a majority of the independent vote (~17%) to get a majority of the vote (50%+1 vote). The Media typically represents neither of the major parties but they consistently represent the independent voter. Like Clinton, the Media didn’t realize that Trump was ahead of them during the general election in reaching out to the independent voter.

Trump won the presidential campaign because of his non-traditional reach to average Americans who have no party affiliation. And when the Media continually berates Trump for his non-traditional behavior, they are undermining their ability to influence the independent voter. In fact, they insult the independent voter of Trump with their fake news and attacks. Attacking Trump means attacking the independent voter, who is the deciding vote in any election.

It wasn’t the Russians who caused Hilary to lose the election, they lost it themselves because Trump reached out to the independent voter before they did. Democrats like the Media, are undermining themselves the more the compete against Trump. Republicans run the risk of losing elections if they dismiss themselves against him because they also need the independent voter to win elections. Although one may disagree with Trump’s manners, Republicans should agree with Making America Great Again, with lowering taxes, with common sense government. Finding something to agree with Trump on means winning the midterm elections in Washington.

It will take another election cycle for the Media to understand that this is not a populist movement, this is an American President who has reached out to the American People in terms they understand. Political correctness ends at the door of the independent voter. The more people in the Media and elsewhere try to fit Trump into a traditional box the more they find they will fail. They simply don’t have a clue!

Contraception is Not a Civil Right

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The States of Pennsylvania, California, Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Virginia are teaming up to sue the Trump administration’s policy on defunding contraception. They are claiming that the burden to pay for these services will fall upon them if the federal government does not pay for them. The trouble, however, is not a lack of funding but a lack of perspective. The government should not facilitate contraception at any level, which is what these State’s Attorneys General are asking for; contraception is not a Civil Right.

According to constitutional principles, the government is supposed to provide for Civil Rights. Civil Rights are those areas of responsibility where the government should facilitate what We the People cannot do on our own. The right to vote has no meaning if the government doesn’t facilitate a polling place where we can register our vote; this is something we cannot do on our own. Contraception, although not illegal, is not something the Constitution says the government should facilitate. Again, contraception is not a Civil Right.

Civil liberties are the joint responsibility of the People and the government. People facilitate their own liberties whereas the government protects them by law. Contraception is a freedom that people have in America that is protected by the law but that does not mean it is something the law should facilitate. These State’s Attorneys General are not approaching this issue correctly as they are defending civil liberties in terms of civil rights. There is no legal foundation for their complaint as such.

Let’s review the issue of the Separation of Church and State. Ideally, the government should be based upon the second tablet of the Ten Commandments and not both tablets (please see earlier blogs on this subject). As such we have religious freedoms (first tablet) and civil freedoms (second table), which may also be called civil liberties. According to the original Christian rationalist perspective of separation, the government is to base law upon moral principles (even Biblical ones). And where there is no right to do what is wrong, there is a right to do what is right.

Unfortunately, the culture wars of our nation are perverting the judgment of our Courts to extend the idea of civil liberties into areas of immoral behavior. The ACLU has championed the notion of immorality as a civil liberty for decades. Yet, they do not support the idea of the freedom to do what is right. Those who bake cakes are penalized for following their conscience when it comes to moral issues. The people who follow morality and righteous lifestyles are penalized for doing so.

The patriots back in 1776 stood for the right of self-determination or the right of self-government. However, that was not in the modern context where people argue for the freedom to do what is wrong. They were standing for the freedom to do what is right! What does the government have to say with people who are already doing what they’re supposed to do in the eyes of God?! Standing up for what is right, doing what is right, is what self-governance is all about!

Clearly the culture wars will continue without abatement and the left wing of society who rationalize away mores and morality will find a way to convince the Courts to share their dogma. However, we are losing our freedoms to do what is right and follow our conscience before God. This is what religious freedom was once all about. Now, with atheism and secularism dominating the Courts, we are in jeopardy of losing these freedoms and liberties.

Although recent court cases have decided in favor of those arguing for religious freedom, this is a case more for civil freedoms and liberties not religious freedoms. Now, civil liberties (freedoms) are being opposed by false claims of civil rights. People should be free, have liberty, to do what is right. The culture wars will continue until we get this right.

The NFL is Guilty of Piling On

© Original content written by James R. Carlson


The suspension of Ezekiel Elliot, following an alleged domestic violence case, is an example of the abuse that NFL players are being subjected to. The Rule of Law is the final arbiter of penalties in such cases but the NFL is piling on to the point of vigilantism. And in a climate of Black Lives Matter (BLM), which complains about police brutality, the actions by the NFL against its players is more of the same.

The Rule of Law is supposed to provide for justice through a court system where the victim and the accused both have rights. The Court is uniquely established in our country to provide for the due process of law to both parties in a legal case. The Court has the final jurisdiction in such cases and their decisions are not only final, their verdicts are the final word in such matters.

When a person is punished by the Court in civil or criminal cases, they are not supposed to be subjected to additional penalties, called double jeopardy. When someone pays their debt (money or time) to society, they are supposed to return to society without further retribution. Society is supposed to respect this process and not take matters into their own hands and add further punishment.

When a person or group of people decide to take matters into their own hands, they may seek justice but because they are not duly authorized or established to take on matters of law, they become vigilantes. Vigilante justice is well known in America as many people have been lynched by it. Hanging a horse thief or a Black man who just wants to vote was a common practice in our nation’s past. We consider vigilante justice to be brutish and without justice.

The NFL has rules that penalizes poor sportsmanship on the field of play. Piling on is one such penalty. When a runner has been tackled and is down, others might jump on top of him to create a pile; the intent is to punish the runner with extra weight. While this delivers a crushing blow to the runner, it also delivers a yellow flag indicating a violation of league rules. This is exactly what is being done by the NFL when they add penalties to Mr. Elliot after Court actions have already tackled him.

The business of the NFL is entertainment, not justice. Social issues are certainly highlighted by the BLM movement within the NFL as they a protest against legal abuses. The solution sought by BLM should be the rule of law and equal justice to all people despite their color. The solution to the legal issues that Mr. Elliot faces should be found in a Court of Justice, with the provision of the due process of law and not with the vigilantism of the NFL. As people complain about the disrespect of the nation’s flag during our national anthem ceremonies, perhaps it’s time to talk about the disrespect of our nation’s Rule of Law by the NFL. There is nothing wrong with being patriotic at the beginning of each game; but there is something very wrong with the NFL piling on Mr. Elliot.

One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

One Nation

The recent turmoil with the issues of race and racism has led many to challenge the established order of things and demean the foundation of our nation. Some have even called for demonstrations during the National Anthem ceremonies at various sporting events. The movement called Black Lives Matter has provided a foil whereby the continued problems of our society with respect to race can be addressed. However, this movement has not captured the heart of the problem nor has it provided solutions to the persistent problems that many people face daily.

Recall that the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. led the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s and was a proponent of both the Christian Gospel and the equal application of the rule of law for all people. These are two solutions that the Black Lives Matter movement misses; nonetheless, black lives do matter. If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t get there. It is more important to identify the solution than to constantly rave about the problem.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ shows us that we are all created equal and treated equal in the eyes of God. The book of Revelations sums it up clearly:

9 And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation. [Revelations 5:9 KJV]

The Christian religion is an inclusive religion that accepts everyone despite their ethnic makeup. While we identify people by color but God sees us differently. He treats us all the same without regard to differences. The Christian faith is the primary means whereby the issues of race and racism can be treated spiritually in the heart of individual people and society. Respecting people as people is the goal. When we treat people like we want to be treated, we are following the Golden Rule of God. The Christian religion was key to the success of Dr. King.

Also, Dr. King supported the rule of law as a means of protecting the black community, not harming it. The rule of law is supposed to provide for civil and criminal justice for everyone in society. It is also supposed to protect our liberties; although we have to exercise our liberties ourselves. The rule of law is also supposed to provide for our Civil Rights, which includes the right to vote; people cannot establish their own polling stations so the government has to provide for these rights. So, where the law is supposed to provide for justice, liberty, and the rights of people, it wasn’t doing so in the American South before Dr. King. That is what he wanted as a solution of the state to deal with the problems of race and racism.

The trouble that Black Lives Matter presents is one of attacking law officers when they should be advocates of the law. The rule of law is a foundation for everyone to stand on and people need to be sure they are following the orders of the police or else they may be in trouble regardless of their color. The police are there for all people and all people should support them.

I recall reading the Federalist Papers many years ago and the ideas of the authors John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton remain on my heart and my mind still today. Their wisdom led this nation, before we became a nation, to see who we are as a people and what our new government should be like. Their words also provide a foundation for unity amidst the troubles of race and racism.

With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people–a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms, and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established general liberty and independence. [Federalist #2, John Jay; 31 October 1787]

The country that Jay referred to was dominated by descendants of the English people, religion, law, and language. The heritage that Jay spoke of is of profound importance to us today.

The English were immigrants to North America and were accustomed to change. In fact, the population in England was heterogeneous consisting of many groups of people like the Anglos, the Normans, the Saxons, the Welch, the French, etc. The idea of a group of people descended from the same set of ancestors is really a signal of how many people groups migrated to England before coming to America. In the colonies of North America, the English immigrants were met by any number of migrants from other nations that were incorporated within the colonies. Not only did England have a history of bringing in new people to their country, the English in America carried on with the same traditions.

This cosmopolitan nature of England also led to a cosmopolitan language. With the influx of people from many countries into England came the change of the English language itself. English is a mixture of many different terms from various other languages and today we find the language still changing to meet with new concepts and ideas that often come from other countries. The mixture of language that now comprises English came from England’s ancestors.

From Jay’s essay we can still see how the foundation of our nation has led to an immigrant nation with a mixture of languages and cultures. Many people from many nations continue to seek the protection of America’s system of liberty and justice. As much as in the past, we are still today “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” America continues to build on its original foundations for the needs of all people.

So too, the rule of law was meant for the protection of the people and not the state. The history of law throughout the world has been dominated by the Roman Civil Law where the purpose of law is the protection of the state (an adversarial system). However, the English Common Law was founded upon an advocacy system for the protection of the individual. The rule of law is our defense against the excesses of crime and bad government.

The words of Dr. King and John Jay provide a foundation for solutions to today’s dilemma with race and racism. Faith in Jesus Christ and his redemption for us is the spiritual solution. And treating people like people is a personal solution; we learn this from God as he takes us just as we are. And the equal application of the rule of law is a state solution. So, while black lives do matter, Black Lives Matter misses the mark on all counts. It is time to complain more about the solution than the problem.

Pardon Me Mr. President

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

Image result for trump arpaio

Former Sherriff Joe Arpaio is bad for America. His brand of politics has led to vigilantism with a badge. The use of public office without authority is a problem we all have to deal with. I welcome more pardons from the President for people who have been abused by runaway government (Scooter Libby); but, pardon me Mr. President, why Joe Arpaio?

The rule of law is perhaps the most important job of people in the government. The office of the President should be concerned when people are wrongfully prosecuted and abused by those in power but it should also be concerned about the people who abuse power while in public office. Joe Arpaio embodies the abuse of power and his position in government. He should not have been the first person to receive a pardon by President Trump.

Sherriff Arpaio is guilty of abusing his office as have others around him. Sherriff’s deputies targeted Hispanics who may have been illegal aliens in our country. I spoke directly with a Phoenix city official years ago who said that sheriff’s deputies in Maricopa County (the county that includes the city of Phoenix) were testing a program to ask for people’s birth certificates instead of just their driver’s license when they were pulled over. This apparently was not done to white people but to Hispanics suspected of being illegal aliens.

There remains a basic level of bigotry in the United States. The idea that Hispanics are by default Mexican is not true and just plain ignorant. Mexicans are Hispanics because they reside in New Spain (Hispania). Also, Hispanics in the U.S. are also not always Latino. A person who supports or is a part of the Roman Catholic Church is a part of the Latin Catholic Church or Latino. Europe was known for Latin France, Latin Portugal, and Latin Spain. So, Hispanics in the New World are often called Latinos as they were a part of the Latin Church. Calling someone Hispanic who is Mexican also betrays the heterogeneous makeup of Mexico. Not all Mexicans are Hispanics. It helps to just give people respect no matter what.

A person without a proper driver’s license may be detained for not having a valid legal identification card, often called a Photo ID. There is no need to check a person’s birth certificate. In fact, the only people who would be carrying a birth certificate would be illegal immigrants who knew they would need one; they would counterfeit them just like many driver’s licenses have been counterfeited. This was a stupid act on the part of sheriffs; acts that were done without proper legislation.

On another note, I applaud holding prisoners in tent cities without all the creature comforts of life; this is another of Mr. Arpaio’s efforts to get tough on crime. However, prisoners need to be properly fed and clothed and sheltered against adverse weather. Here again, Mr. Arpaio went beyond the rule of law and just plain common sense when he made prisoners wear pink underwear and eat green sandwiches. The punishment prisoners should receive is incarceration; sheriffs do not need to add to that punishment. Maybe Mr. Arpaio has a deeper problem with color than was first suspected.

Mr. Arpaio did not help this country with his aggressive behavior. While he may be a hero to some in our country, he has added more problems to America than he has solved. His work demonstrates what it means when someone in power abuses that power and extends themselves beyond the rule of law. The President was definitely tone deaf when he pardoned the former sheriff in light of recent racial tensions. But regardless of timing, it was a bad pardon from the standpoint that Mr. Arpaio does not represent the rule of law (immigration or otherwise); he represents what is wrong with our country. It is time for Republicans in the Arizona Legislature to consider impeaching Mr. Arpaio. People like him do not need to serve in public office ever again.

Both Sides Differ

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

Charlottesville Logo

The legacy of Dr. King Jr. was to bring the rule of law to the black community. The rule of law is supposed to support people with liberty and justice. Modern movements like Black Lives Matter are not focused on the rule of law and differ from their predecessors as a result. The Cross of Jesus Christ provided the forgiveness of sin and gave light to the lives of men like Dr. King Jr. The KKK and modern white racist movements differ from the Gospel of Christ when they burn the Cross of Christ. Instead of providing the light of truth for all mankind, white racist movements differ from the real Christian message of Christ and offer darkness of the soul instead of light.

The racism that persisted in the American South after the Civil War was based upon a bigotry that was applied through the rule of law; this is the formal definition of racism. The law is supposed to protect people’s freedom and provide justice for people when violated. This was good for the white community but not for the black people under slavery and Jim Crow. Dr. King Jr. wanted to change this and he did; but that was just the beginning.

Civil rights requires the government, by law, to facilitate the vote of the American people. If the law was applied equally to everyone, regardless of color, then everyone should be allowed to vote. This was not provided for with Jim Crow laws and therefore those should have been removed; they have since been dismissed as illegal. The law applied equally to all people meant that black people should be allowed to vote. As the rule of law means at least this, it also means much more.

Black Lives Matter is correct in seeing the latent bigotry that still exists within America. What they don’t do is support the equal application of the rule of law, as Dr. King did, as a means to solve the problems facing ‘Black America.’ The rule of law is supposed to support all people in our country. Fighting law officers is contrary to the message of Dr. King and their vision of success is different.

The racism that persisted for 100 years in the South was largely quelled following the 1960s. The advocacy of racism by law remained dormant for a generation since then but is now emerging in some white minority groups within the South. A small fraction of white people are capturing the terrorist appetite and are parading it through the streets of American cities. Their actions are contrary to peaceful public demonstrations and their permit to march should never have been allowed by the rule of law.

Many white racists not only condemn black people but Jews as well. The Cross that is often burned by these racists is the symbol of one Jew, Jesus, who established the modern religion of Christianity. Jesus was not concerned about the color of people’s skin but the darkness of people’s hearts. He brought light and life to people who believed in him and forgiveness to those who trusted in his Cross. The Christian symbols used by some of these racist groups represents a message that is different from the message used by these racists.

Neither white racists or black reactionists are following the foundations they claim for their support. The solution to the problem of racism is both the rule of law and faith in Christ Jesus. Jesus opened the Gospel to all nations, it was not just for Jews. And the New Testament tells us that government should hold people accountable for their own actions, not their color.

The recent tragedy in Charlottesville, SC, highlights these problems that persist in America. These problems begin with the human heart that is darkened by sin and in need of the forgiveness of sin. This is a message taught by Christians like the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior. As Christians follow the Jewish Messiah, we also advocate the rule of law for all people.

Lady Justice has a blindfold and is not supposed to look at people’s color when a judicial decision is provided. The idea of uniform justice provided by long standing principles is called ‘prae judaicum.’ But when lady justice peeks at a person’s color that would be called ‘racial prae judaicum.’ That is where we get the word ‘racial prejudice.’ Liberty and justice for all, liberty under law, is supposed to be provided without prejudice of color.

As white racist and reactionary black movements collided in South Carolina, we are witnessing movements that do not follow the principles they claim as their symbols. White racists should follow Christ and abandon racism. Black Lives Matter should promote the rule of law and respect of law enforcement officials. When these groups combined in South Carolina the result was a tragedy. That tragedy, including the loss of life, is the end of principled solutions to the ongoing problem and perceptions of racism in America.


My great-grandfather, Hiram Craig Wallace, was a solider in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He fought during the war, he surrendered at the end of the war, and he swore an oath to support the Union and rejoined the USA. I have no reason to do otherwise. I support the Union called the United States of America! God Bless the USA! It is time to remove the statues of Civil War Confederates from the grounds of government buildings. I am proud of my great-grandfather but not with these symbols of racism. There is no reason to keep these symbols that do not promote faith and justice in modern America.

PRK’s Leader – A Great Leader

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un is the Leader of the People of North Korea. He inherited this role from his father and grand-father. He also inherited an uneasy truce between the United States and North Korea. After the end of the Cold War, relations between the U.S. and Korea have grown more heated. With a new Leader, the people of Korea have a great opportunity for freedom. Kim Jong Un, has the opportunity to provide for the people of Korea, religious freedom. In providing for the People’s freedom to worship God, the Leader of North Korea will become more than just a Leader for his People, he will become a Great Leader.

Greatness is not bestowed upon oneself, by others, or by great deeds. Greatness is bestowed upon others by God and by history. Great men do not intend to be great; they pursue great principles in their lives and greatness follows. The work of any man is never considered great until after some deed is done; greatness is bestowed not in advance of some great work but afterwards; not as a means to achieve greatness but as a recognition of merit employed.

The record of history is full of examples of leaders who promote religious freedom and those who do not. Those leaders who promote the freedom of people to worship God are recorded in history as great leaders. Those leaders who prevent the freedom of people to worship God are considered evil dictators in history. The decisions of leaders are their own but God will promote those leaders who let people worship him. In this leaders may choose the path to greatness or ruin.

God is not absent in any country. God will open the doors to freedom to any people. The desire of God is in the heart of the people of any country. Religious freedom is a basic liberty for all people everywhere. Any Leader who opens the doors of religious freedom for their people will find God working on their side. God will promote the Leader who pursues religious freedom. And God will make any Leader a Great Leader if they serve the people with liberty.

Please Pray for Kim Jong Un and the People of Korea

God in heaven, show favor to Kim Jong Un and the People of Korea like you did to Moses and the People of Israel when they were in Egypt. Release them from the bondage of oppression and allow them to walk with you and worship you in peace. Bless the People, Bless the land, Bless the Leader of this great people in North Korea. Please show Kim Jong Un your grace and grant him the requests of his heart. With great reverence and respect, please open the doors for religious freedom for the People of Korea. And with your hand upon Kim Jong Un, grant that one day he too will become a Great Leader of the Korean People. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen!