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Happy Anniversary!!!

© Original content written by James R. Carlson


It has been one year since Free Press Inc began on 19 September 2015. The publication of over 100 articles has led to more than 70,000 visitors with more than 1 million hits on this website. To say we’ve had a good year is an understatement.

It’s time to rebuild. This next year will see a new President and Congress put together policy decisions that will affect our future for decades to come. Religious persecution is growing all over the world, including the United States, by leaps and bounds. The economy is in a disaster as is our moral resolve to stand for what is right in this nation.

God has not forsaken us and never will. Even when we are unfaithful God will remain faithful. This website is dedicated to respecting God first and foremost. Following conservative values and balanced rational arguments is also what this website pursues. The history of ideas is a power force upon all of humanity. Knowing your place within the context of this history and these ideas will help you make better decisions for yourself and for those you care about.

Celebrate with me the beginning. I look forward to another year of challenging thought and life affirming truths that you can share with others. Let’s start a revolution of truth. Let’s unveil the darkness that hides in dark shadows and reveal them with the Light of the Gospel and understanding of philosophy. There is never a time when the truth is irrelevant and if we affirm the truth, hold fast to it, and do the truth in our own lives, we cannot help but succeed.

Thanks for joining the revolution of truth with your visit to this website. I will continue to show respect to your conscience, your mind, and to God’s Word. However, expect that you may be challenged from time to time as these 3 things do not always agree and we have to agree with God before we agree with ourselves.

Finally, please send your comments with some substance. I’ve been given thousands of praises that encourage me but do nothing to challenge me. Put your thoughts together in a cogent fashion that respects me and God and see if I don’t publish it on this website. It’s time the door was opened for your ideas as much as mine.

Thanks again for a wonderful year.

James R Carlson

PS           Please send your article submissions to Please include a photo of yourself and your contact info (I will not publish your contact info unless you request it). I will only publish material I deem to be appropriate for our audience. Articles submitted will be the property of the website. God Bless You.

We’re a Hit – Thanks a Million

© Original content written by James R. Carlson

The Free Press Inc website has just received over 1,000,000 hits; in less than a year. The purpose of this website is to present Christian Conservative viewpoints to an audience without apology. Sharing the truth of God’s Word, conservative political philosophy, and the history of ideas is the heart and soul of Free Press Inc. And thanks to people like you, we are over the top – we’re a hit.

Free Press Inc began last year on 19 September 2015. The site grew slowly at first but this year the number of visitors began to increase as the history of ideas was explored. The number of registered users grew along with the number of comments given. Many people have expressed their thanks for the website in presenting information in a new and responsible way. Now it is my turn to say thank you.

Free Press Inc will continue to bring you quality information with a perspective that will not insult your intelligence or your faith in Christ. True knowledge begins with a respect of God and His Word. Whether we publish for one reader or thousands is not the purpose of this website. Serving the public with truth is. Yet I’m happy to find that the response to Free Press Inc has drawn so much attention.

Thanks a million for visiting the Free Press Inc.

Free Press Inc – January 2016 Newsletter

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© Original content written by James R. Carlson

This is the 4th lunaversary of Free Press Inc. The popularity of the weblog has grown to include more than 1,500 registered users from over 9,000 people who have visited this site more than 30,000 times looking at the pages of this blog more than 100,000 times from countries worldwide. Free Press Inc is an international website that shares truths that are not dependent upon the country you come from. Truth is transcendent and can be applied in any country at any time. My prayer for my friends throughout the world is that we all dedicate ourselves to do what is right to achieve what is right no matter what our objectives are.

International Web Blog

The international community that has come to Free Press Inc includes countries from Asia to Europe to North America; although fewer in number, people from Africa, Australia, and South America have also visited this site. The response to this website shows the interest in genuine values. Although this website is dedicated to a Christian and Conservative perspective that is comes from an American culture, the truths shared are available to anyone to succeed in their own country. The following table shows the to

Country Page Views Visits Visitors
United States 22,074 5,288 1,310
France 6,311 1,914 122
Russian Federation 5,993 2,933 2,199
Germany 3,017 1,299 418
Ukraine 1,607 686 310
Italy 1,602 50 30
Canada 1,508 688 88
Romania 1,490 622 302
China 706 390 304
Total 101,223 32,896 9,425

Top articles

The response of people all over the world to Free Press Inc has revealed what is on the mind of people. The #1 article in the last 4 months was about Jesus. That is great new in that He is Good News for all mankind. I’ve decided to start posting a Bible Study every Sunday.

Number of Page Views of Articles
Date Article Page Views
1/3/2016 Jesus – The Perfect Liberal and the Perfect Conservative 1,547
11/7/2015 Merit and Metrics – How Decisions are Made 829
1/4/2016 Proof that Human Life Begins at Conception 647
11/6/2015 Tax and Spend Conservatism 478
12/31/2015 Illegal Immigration – Part 3 of 3 469
12/29/2015 Illegal Immigration – Part 2 of 3 51
Number of Comments of Articles
11/7/2015 Merit and Metrics – How Decisions are Made 719
12/12/2015 Merit and Metrics (Update) – Homosexual Science 187
11/6/2015 Tax and Spend Conservatism 154
1/3/2016 Jesus – The Perfect Liberal and the Perfect Conservative 152
12/31/2015 Illegal Immigration – Part 3 of 3 86
12/21/2015 Tiananmen – A Mini-Charta 33
12/29/2015 Illegal Immigration – Part 2 of 3 30
1/4/2016 Proof that Human Life Begins at Conception 4

The #1 article that received comments is Merit and Metrics. Although I try to follow my conscience and the leadership of the Spirit when writing and posting, I listen to people like you when looking at what you are interested in. I’ve begun to post updates to Merit and Metrics and will continue to do that every Saturday.

Web Page – Donate

I’ve also listened to people who have asked for a donation button. Here is a comment that one person gave.

It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this outstanding blog!

I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this blog with my Facebook group. Chat soon! [Submitted on 2015/12/12 at 7:32 pm]

You do not have to pay to register at Free Press Inc; this is a free outlet for you. But I also understand that you share the vision of this website and want to see it grow. For that reason I’ve added a Donations to Free Press Inc page where you can make Donations to Free Press Inc.

If you choose to donate to this website the money will be used to fund this website, improve the books I have on, and support other like-minded groups and ministries. I will be paying taxes on the contributions I receive so that I won’t be limited in sharing religious and political information with a Christian and Conservative perspective.

Web Page – Books

Free Press Inc also has books for free and for sale. On the Books for Free and for Sale page there are many items for free that you can download. There are also 5 books that you can buy.

The History of Texas and of Religious Freedom

Conservatives and the Republican Party

The Evolution of Evolution: A Theory in Chaos

The Alchemy of Evolution

Scrupulosity: Answering the Tough Question, “Can You Lose Your Salvation?”

Many of the articles that I write for this blog come from these books. I look forward to improving them and publishing them in print.

Web Page – Contact Info and Bio

Some of you have asked for a contact page and more information about myself. So I have included a Contact Info and Bio page. You will find my email address and some of my personal history.


I have received many kind comments from people like you who have been reading my articles. I’m very happy with the response that people have given. I listen to what you are saying and will be including more graphics and videos in the future. I am dedicated to keeping this a clean, safe, and informative website for everyone who visits. Thanks for visiting and keep in touch.