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As a little boy, James Carlson prayed to receive Jesus but didn’t fully understand the commitment to Christ. Growing up in Church, he had reservations about the Christian faith as evolution was taught (preached) from the pulpit of public schools. Dedicating his life to Christ (Saved) when he was 20, James believed in Jesus but was still not sure about the theory of evolution. Learning from Creationist books that evolution is not real science, James wanted to write on the subject of evolution to show his friends why one should believe in Jesus and not evolution. But God put it on his heart to wait for a call later in his life.

In the meantime, James earned his AAS degree in Electronics and Computer Technology in 1983, and began working in the technical world. Pursuing his interests with the history of ideas, James began studying and writing about the History of Texas and of Religious Freedom (now published on The history of Texas parallels the history of Religious Freedom.

His work led to him becoming a volunteer with the Travis County Republican Party (TCRP) in the early 1990s. James published a monthly newsletters for five years for the GOP and became the Director of Communications for two years. James wrote another book during this time called, Conservatives and the GOP (also on Kindle). This was a primer for county candidates and precinct chairmen to learn how to apply conservative values for political success.

James’ literary career continued to grow as he published newsletters for the Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) in Austin for a year and half. The Pro-Life movement was strong then and James wanted to contribute. He found that being prolife meant more than saving babies, it also means rescuing mothers from the pain and trauma of abortions.

Later James was invited to join the Texian Christian Writers (TCW; Their focus is to write about the Hand of God in Texas history. He became President of this group in 2003 and led the publication of five booklets for homeschoolers on the subject of God and Texas Heroes, writing one of them about Thomas J. Rusk.

After studying the issues surrounding evolution and creationism for more than 30 years, James was stirred by God to begin writing the book he wanted to write so many years earlier. In 2008, James began a 7 year journey, which took him through the history of science as it related to the idea of evolution. The first fruit from this research was a 1,000 page manuscript that focused on the origin of evolution in ancient mythology called, The Evolution of Evolution; a Theory in Chaos.

This work has been reduced to 350 pages with a new focus on the connection between evolution and alchemy. This latest work, The Alchemy of Evolution, is also on Kindle.

James continued to work as a technician while going to school at the University of Texas at Austin. He graduated in 2009 with a BS in Aerospace Engineering. He now works as a test engineer at the White Sands Missile Range.

James’ love for the history of ideas has not slowed down. He has published another work called, Scrupulosity that explores the history of ideas connected with the question of the security of the believer. His insights provide a new approach to this difficult issue that many people face, including James himself.

Free Press Inc is the latest installment in James’ literary career. This is a Christian Conservative blog (website) that highlights many issues from a unique perspective that honors God, the Bible, and Conservative values.

To read James’ material is to share the love of ideas and the history that surrounds them. One will also encounter a sincere love of God and the desire to provide answers to hard questions. Each book he’s authored shows the context in which ideas have developed, how they influence our modern culture, and how we can learn from that history to make positive changes to our society and in our own lives to the praise and glory of God.



5 books are published on

    • The History of Texas and Religious Freedom.
    • Conservatives and the GOP (Republican Party).
    • Scrupulosity.
    • The Evolution of Evolution; a Theory in Chaos.
    • The Alchemy of Evolution.

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