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The issues that American society faces today can be viewed with clarity when looking through the lens of principles. The idea that God got it right when writing the Bible and the Founding Fathers gave us a Constitution that provides a good government is what Christian Conservatives are all about. We are keepers of the Word and the words demanding that we follow the original intent of these documents.

Christian Conservatives are often called the Religious Right. History is replete with the slanders believers in Jesus have received. Lollards,  Puritans, Religious Right are all terms that deride people who have deep convictions about God and Christ and who want to affect the world (even the political world) around them. The term ‘Christian’ was even a derisive term used to describe the followers of Jesus. The followers of Caesar Augustus worshipped him as King and God and were called ‘Augustinians.’ And as the Jesus people worshipped Jesus Christ as King and God they were called ‘Christians.’

This website is dedicated to telling the truth according to the lens of the Word of Truth and advocate a Constitutional (conservative) government. I trust we will continue to be described as Religious Right but bear in mind, there is no Religious Right without a Religious Left who more than anything fear that they and their tyrannical agenda may be exposed.